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Cold and Flu Symptoms vs Covid symptoms
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Mar 09, 22
First signs of a cold

Those first tell-tale symptoms can start with a tickle in your throat, a runny nose, headaches, and feeling more tired than usual.

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Nov 08, 21
If you experience an uncomfortable 'stuffy' feeling in your nose, you might be suffering from nasal congestion. It can be annoying and tiresome, but it's rarely a serious health concern.
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Jan 25, 21
Catarrh is a condition usually associated with colds, infections and allergies,. It's characterised by a build up of mucus in the throat, back of the nose, and sinuses.
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Jan 05, 21
Coronavirus and cough. 2020 has been dominated all over the world by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
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Dec 09, 20
A fever is usually defined as a temperature above 38 C. Although many people think of a normal temperature as being 37 C, the normal human body temperature varies slightly throughout the day.
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Nov 30, 20
Colds and Flu
All You Need To Know
Colds and flu are both caused by a virus that infects the respiratory tract (nose, throat and lungs). They share a lot of the same symptoms, but they’re not the same.
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Mar 30, 20
Congestion – What’s The Cause
And How To Cope
If you’re feeling ‘stuffy’ – known as congestion, it could be a symptom of a cold or sinus infection.
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Mar 30, 20