Lemsip Coronavirus Letter


And that’s because Covid-19 is no cold or flu.

It's something else. Something ongoing that's difficult to treat. The vaccine is now rolled out, but while that happens we still need to exercise extreme caution.

At Lemsip, we’re used to being the go-to. Your experts. And we know people often look to us for advice

The best prevention continues to be staying home or to practice social distancing. To wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds or to use alcohol- based hand sanitiser if water or soap aren’t available*.

We know the extensions to lockdown are tough, but the more we stay home, the more hope we have of ending this crisis sooner rather than later.

We want to thank the heroes who leave their home every day out of necessity. Who are continuing to work tirelessly across the nation from our hospitals, to our research facilities, to our supermarkets, to our waste management.

To everyone else: please, stay home.


*For more guidance, read the latest from the Public Health England here and from the NHS here.

Published 18/01/2021

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