Mucus Cough

When we have a cold or infection, we can produce more mucus than normal and instead of being clear or white, it can turn yellow or green and become stickier – a sign that the body is responding to some kind of virus or infection.

Excess mucus can start to settle in the lower airways and when it does, our body responds by trying to cough it up and expel it.

This type of cough, known as a mucus cough, can be exhausting as the body puts a lot of effort into trying to expel the irritating mucus.

Treating a Mucus Cough

There are medicines available specifically for mucus cough which work by thinning and loosening stubborn mucus so that each cough can be more productive and more easily expelled from the body as sputum. By reducing the need to cough, aches and pains caused by coughing may be alleviated too.

Talk to your pharmacist about products designed specifically to alleviate a mucus cough such as products in cough range launched by the cold & flu experts at Lemsip.

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