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Are you a student or already graduated and considering or maybe have already started a career in consumer goods (FMCG)? Are you looking for a career full of opportunities where YOU make the decisions and YOU get the real training from doing real work? Lemsip is just one of RB's brands - many of which are famous all around the world. RB or Reckitt Benckiser as we're known formally, is probably the world's best home, health and personal care goods company, but we're not famous - even though our brands are!

We have operations in more than 60 countries and in each there are people from many different nationalities working together. Our brands are sold in almost every country in the world and we have the highest rate of innovation of our peers. Our colleagues are the power behind these brands - they are talented, driven and entrepreneurial individuals, all working together.

Why not come and discover something about RB's style and opportunities at or visit us on Facebook you never know...

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